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Song Swap with The Other Side of the World!!!

Hi Fans! I have had the good fortune to be selected and paired with an amazing singer/songwriter from Australia!!! Her name is Nancy Bates, and she is an Indigenous Australian with Barkindji roots! Originally from the Far West New South Wales, and currently living in Adelaide, she and I are recording and posting each other's songs. I can't wait to hear what she does with mine.

I have just made a little video of me performing her song, "Jack and Jill," and will be uploading it for viewing tomorrow, MAKE MUSIC DAY!n (I dunno, I make music EVERY day, but I guess it's a thing!)

Anyway, I hope you will check out the video I made, (when I have a link I'll try to insert it here)

You really should get to know some of Nancy Bates's work, too, she has an amazing voice!!!!

Here is her beautiful video of the song:

This is the first time I've ever done anything like this, and it was exciting learning to use the midi keyboard and midi bass for the first time!

Thanks for being out there, and please, subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't yet, it really will help me get my music out to more people.

Wishing you a blessed day, and perhaps I will see you at Old Songs Festival in Altamont, NY this weekend!!!



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