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My First Official Single Is Released! 8-18-2023 at 4:44pm Eastern!

HI! I have been working and traveling and have SO much to tell you about my very first stint at the famous Swannanoa Gathering! But it will have to wait, because I am releasing (finally) my very first single!!!!!!

My song that is the most requested at my live shows, Rebirth, has officially been released for digital distribution.

You can "follow" the single here:

You might wonder, WHY hasn't it been released before? After all, I'm a super fan, and I already have had Diane Perry's CD Out Of My Dreams since 2018!!!

Well, if you do, you bought it at a live show private event directly from me.

I have never digitally distributed any of my music.

Okay, so quickly, before getting back to the news above:

Lucy Kaplansky has forgone digital distribution for the same reasons I never put my stuff out there in the first place. (What!? Lucy Kaplansky doesn't have digital distribution? Of course she does... but all her latest albums are available only at her live shows.)


Because streaming platforms set a very low standard; they take too little money for artists to be paid fairly for their work. Then they pass this "we aren't able to pay you any more" line on to the artists without giving them or their listeners the chance to understand that it is because of their sucky business model. Congress got hoodwinked somehow into believing that a fraction of a hundredth of a penny is the right amount to pay a creator for their work.

Okay, back to the GOOD news!


Because I was asked so very nicely by John Platt, the WFUV DJ who will be presenting me in a showcase (Rockwood Music Hall, in NYC Sept. 12th 2023) for a Spotify link for a tune to promote the show, AND because the pandemic has made it VERY hard for me to get my music out there all this time.

So, I decided I will start with ONE TRACK, Rebirth... and then possibly release the entire first album I made, Out Of My Dreams.

And that means I have to PROMOTE the release... and that means...

more work for me that doesn't pay anything!

SOOOOO, that's where YOU come in.

Please click on this hyperlink and you will able to listen to my release as soon as it drops, which is Friday, August 18th, 2023 at 4:44pm Eastern Time.

Then, when it hits your favorite streaming platform, you will have it there to listen to!

It costs you nothing, so, if you like my music, please hit this link! You can also choose (or not) to share your email with me so I can let you know about more releases, concert dates, and special offers. You don't have to, though.

By the way, on this track are the amazing musicians I am lucky enough to have recorded with: Ted Brancato on piano, and Marc Schmied, on bass.

Please enjoy the song I am putting out into the world. There is a little piece of my soul inside that song. That song has helped me, and I hope it helps you too, when days are dark. That song is filled with hope. Okay, a little hint of fear, too, but that's because it's REAL! And hope for the future always has a little fear inside. At least, mine does.

Here is the link again:

God bless.



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