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Birthdays, Easter, and Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, PA

Okay, friends...some of you may know that for many years I played in the orchestra for The Bethlehem Bach Choir, performing for their regular concerts as well as Bethlehem"s August festival, Musikfest. And there are not many who can claim to have performed at Musikfest BOTH as part of The Bethlehem Bach Choir AND Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours...actually, I am pretty sure I will ALWAYS be the only person who can say THAT!

BUT did you know that after twenty years of enjoying Godfrey Daniels' lineup of talent at Musikfest, and driving past their doors literally hundreds of times, that I had never actually been there? Okay, that is NOT a good admission. Godfrey Daniels is one of the most respected clubs on the Eastern seaboard, so...

I rectified that this past Sunday.

I drove out to Bethlehem on Sunday, April 2nd, and finally tasted of their fabulous open mic, with the good support and company of Andrew Dunn, one of my favorite singer-songwriters, and a hell of a nice guy.

And we had a BLAST!!!!

From Leon Bonham who ran the list, Thomas Gordon Ward who hosted and performed beautifully, and Dave Fry, the owner, who all made us feel right at home, to Claudia Nygaard who was the featured performer, (wow, she is AWESOME!) and to all the great singer-songwriters who took the stage, some of whom invited me to play with them (thanks, guys!) it was a magic-filled, amazing night, and I decided right there and then that THAT is how I want to spend my birthday.

Oh, and a BIG thanks to William Hall, who for some reason was recording that night...sure would like to hear that...

My birthday...

Two weeks later,

April 16th,



My dear colleague, the lovely Katherine Rondeau is going to host, and I am asking my friends, including my pal Ron Greenstein, who just had his birthday too, to join me there. The guitarist I play with is unfortunately unavailable, so if you come on out you'll hear me accompany myself on the piano, but I am certain a few people might let me jam with them onstage on my violin, as many did last week.

So, PLEASE feel free to come on out to Godfrey Daniels and help me celebrate my birthday. Bring your guitar, your bass, your voice, or not, it's up to you.

I would LOVE to see you, my friends.



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