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TV Appearance with Spook Handy and Bob Harris for NJ Folk Festival

Some of you may know that in addition to this folk group, and my classical and jazz work, I also perform with a number of other terrific ensembles. One of them is a wonderful group called Spook Handy and The Seed Planters, and if you are a Spook Handy fan, come out and see what he can do with a band! It is a whole other show!

While you will have to wait until April 29th to see us at the Main Stage and Pinelands Workshop Stage at the New Jersey Folk Festival on the Rutgers Campus, the TV show we taped today to promote it will air before that on East Brunswick TV, channel 3 and as soon as I have air times I will post that too.

Doctor Angus Gillespie, Executive Director of the New Jersey Folk Festival, interviewed Spook, who is an amazingly articulate guy in addition to a true New Jersey Folk legend.

Bob Harris, who owns and runs Ampersand Studios, and is one of the most talented engineers on the planet, especially gifted at recording acoustic instruments, is also a beautiful acoustic guitarist and singer. Together with Bob Harris on vocals and guitar, and me on violin and vocals, Spook Handy and the Seed Planters performed two songs live in the studio, Pete Seeger's "Keep the Flame Alive", and Spook's latest tune called "We'll Always Have a Song To Sing," which I have to admit is a rousing tune with a great message, and is sure to inspire a sing-along at the Festival. (Spook performed with Pete many times, has recorded and performed many tunes from Pete's lexicon, and is one of the many fine musicians carrying on his work in song and contributing to his legacy.)

Thanks to Spook, Bob, Dr. Gillespie, and also a shout-out to EBTV to the SUPERLATIVE supervisor Dave Ambrosy, and truly terrific crew, Diane, Anthony, and Brian, who made sure we looked as good as we sounded, and made us sound as good as we are!

(Dave Ambrosy is also a talented musician himself, as he is the drummer for the famed Voodudes!)

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