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8/10, 8/12, 9/17, and 9/29

On June 19th, 2017, I fell, and severely damaged my left hand, a violinist's worst nightmare.

The bad news:

I fractured the fourth metacarpal bone, the one that connects the ring finger to the wrist.

The break was a spiral fracture, and required surgery. I also fractured a bone in the knuckle of my right ring finger.

I had no insurance in place at the time. 

The good news: 

Dr. O. Alton Barron, the surgeon recommended by The New York Philharmonic, agreed to take me as a patient and scheduled me for surgery the very next day. After a few weeks in a cast with a pin holding the bone in place, and some weeks of hard work,, I am expected to make a complete recovery. I am currently playing, and hope to continue to improve.


Friends and fans, please help me pay the significant costs of my surgery and recovery care, I am giving some "Return to Playing - Broke but not Broken" concerts.

If you are active on facebook, share the concert info, and if you are in a position to do so, please make a gift of any will all add up.

If you know of a house concert, house of worship, or concert hall where you think I might be able to schedule one of these dates, please tell me through the contact page of this website.


Thursday, Aug. 10  at 7 PM at Blank Space Highland Park

Concert followed by open mic - all are welcome

special guest - Dave Sherman

414 Raritan Avenue, Highland Park, NJ 078904

Food and drink included in admission

Suggested donation $12 but no one turned away

Saturday, Aug. 12   4:30 PM dinner for RSVPs, 6 PM Concert in Randolph, NJ

Meal followed by Concert followed by open mic in 

special guest - Julie Mac

RSVP for address to or if Folk Project member-see the FP Newsletter

suggested donation $15 concert $10 dinner (please RSVP for dinner)

Sunday, Sept. 17, at 4 PM at Studio Yoga in Madison, NJ

Green Light Acoustic Music Series - Concert followed by reception

special guests - Frank and Hank, and Andrew Dunn

2 Green Village Road, 3rd floor, Madison, NJ 07940 (opposite Museum of Early Crafts)  973-966-5311

Admission $10 in advance, $15 at door

reception after concert with refreshments available

Friday, Sept. 29, 7 PM Pot Luck, 8 PM Concert in Princeton, NJ

House Concert preceded by Pot Luck with the musicians

RSVP for address to

Suggested donation $20 no one turned away

Any questions - text (no calls, please) Diane directly at 908-447-1395


I'd like to make special mention of some people who went out of their way to help me when they heard I was hurt.

I was blessed that Andrew Dunn was here when I fell. He drove me to the hospital, spent EIGHT HOURS with me in the emergency room tirelessly keeping my spirits up, holding me when I fainted, making sure I got the care I needed, and even picked up my pain medicine for me. As if that wasn't enough, he then spent the night on the couch instead of in the guest room so he would hear me if I needed help, and stayed most of the next day taking care of me.

Steven Taylor gave emotional support, and took the time to research violinists with hand injuries, and sent me the informative forum post that directly led to my searching for and finding the right surgeon to treat me. He also brought me food, flowers, wiped away my tears and kept me laughing, provided recreation, (and sangria, lots of sangria!) and rushed to my side after I fell.... a second time!

Marshall Schwartzman took me to New York City twice, once for my appointment and the ensuing running around to get bloodwork needed to clear me for surgery, and back the next day for the actual surgery. He also made me food, made calls for me, and stayed over to keep me safe!

Mark Schaffer for his emotional support, his amazing ideas for fundraising, and his connecting me to...

Mitch Radler, who I thank for making some recommendations for hand surgeons.

Spook Handy, for keeping me on his gigs as harmony vocalist despite my infirmity, and for his caring support.

Heather Pierson, who, when I called to ask her about the idea of my playing melodica until I recovered, insisted on buying me one as a gift and had it sent to me.!

Andrew Koenig, who loaned me his melodica until I got the one from Heather!

Ron Greenstein, who has supported me in so many ways by being a great friend, giving me much of his time, and tirelessly helping with videos.

Efrat Shapira, for sharing her personal experiences with injuries, and for offering support.

Harry Carpenter, who offered to help me set up a house concert, and for his caring concern.

Tony Villa, for letting me use his piano, and for his kind words.

Of course my doctor and his top surgical team.

And lastly,

My mother, for not killing me for hurting myself!

I am sure I am forgetting someone. Please forgive me if I did, and Thank you!

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